Advertising Tip #16: Supplement with digital

The Electrical Apparatus magazine has been in print for over 50 years, and we are proud to publish a magazine focused on the electromechanical community. Each issue is made up of articles from our editors and advertisements, yet when we created the Direct and Current e-newsletter and the upcoming Electrical Apparatus podcast we wanted another venue for readers to get more out of our monthly publication. These digital components of EA also include benefits for our valued advertisers to make the most of their presence in front of readers. So you may wonder:

How do advertisements in the EA Direct & Current e-newsletter and The Electrical Apparatus Show podcast (coming soon) add to your print magazine presence?
1) They are first sent to a targeted audience of electromechanical industry professionals/shops that are interested specifically in the topics covered. This goes straight to the audience who would be potential customers of the advertiser.
2) Then we post the link to our social media with tags for the advertisers to widen the net of the audience and add more searchability for the advertiser.
3) We keep the rates low so print advertisers can use the podcast or e-news as another platform to share their products and services with our targeted industry audience. This way their print ad goes to over 16,500 readers and a digital ad supplements their message to another 4000 or 5000 subscribers, plus all of our social media followers.


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