A Midwinter Tann

K.C. electrical service company now does restaurants

Many companies are looking for new ways to expand their business and diversify. One way is to develop a presence in selected industries.

Restaurants, for one, have specialized lighting, commercial-grade appliances, sophisticated sound equipment and other electrical devices that require special attention. Tann Electric, the Lenexa, Kan., electrical company, is looking to fill those needs—the company announced January 29 it will be moving into electrical repair and maintenance service for KC restaurants. So whether you’re at Pigwich or Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue, rest assured that your meal won’t be interrupted by darkness.

Many self-proclaimed “full service electrical companies” are attempting to add ancillary services to their resumes. Expanding into the restaurant service industry is worth a look—most independent restaurants rely on contractors—but what about chains? We wouldn’t want the deep fryers at Wendy’s to stop working, now, would we?

As a Tann Electric spokesperson stated, “No one likes to eat in the dark, and when equipment is down, it is impossible to serve patrons,” mentioning that the company’s electricians are trained in troubleshooting, repair and new installations for equipment circuits & outlets, lightning and dimming system, and electrical panels.

For prospective expansions, electricians would require experience in electrical wiring and specialty lighting, as well as knowledge of restaurant appliances. In Tann’s case, it plans to offer 24-hour emergency services, giving restaurant managers a level of reliability.

For electrical companies looking for new ways, these services are at least some food for thought.


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