‘Ivy’ League of its Own

Once again, community colleges tackle the skills gap

Certain outfits are addressing training in the “old fashioned way”, yet applying it to new technologies.

The Ivy Tech Community Colleges of Indiana are offering mechanical classes aimed to fill the skills gap. The Indiana-based technical college is focusing on automation maintenance, mechatronics, and that of other new industrial machinery.

The aim is to populate and bulk up a workforce to program, repair, and modify these systems. Advanced Automation and Robotics Chair Jeff Moore is offering four new machine classes this year. Each class will prepare students for machine-skilled jobs. Electrical engineering, energy, and precision agriculture equipment tech classes are all also available under the school’s technology division umbrella.

Mechatronics programs at Ivy Tech Community College.—Ivy Tech photo

Mechatronics programs at Ivy Tech Community College.—Ivy Tech photo

“Companies have a number of high tech jobs, but they don’t have the people who are able to fill them,” Moore told Matt Brooks of Terre Haute’s WTHITV10. “So in manufacturing, these folks will be able to get jobs where they’ll be able to run and operate kind of complex mechanical systems.”

Instructor ingenuity doesn’t hurt, either—Moore is able to supplement this term’s crop of students with his recent experiences in Berlin, where he learned how to prepare students in the courses. Namely, using programmable logical controllers to problem solve is invaluable real-world experience. Students enrolling in the Electrical, Mechanical and Motor, Control System, and Pressurized Systems and Mechatronics classes will receive enough schooling to compete for professional certifications, such as Siemens’ Level 1 Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistant.

“Granted, this is small scale, but it’s still the same concept,” one student told Brooks. “Making sure you have materials needed and the process flows smoothly from the beginning to the end final product.”

Networking opportunities in the mechanical world are also available, according to Moore, who said Ivy is in the process of setting up internships with a number of local employers, including CSN LLC, the steel processing plant; ThyseenKrupp, the industrial engineering group; and Sony DADC. The school has a network of over 30 locations throughout Indiana.

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