The Good River

Electromechanical solutions company to move from Memphis to Cincinnati area

A large commercial electromechanical services company is doing some up-river relocating. Darana Hybrid, Inc., plans to move its offices from Memphis to the Greater Cincinnati area, it said in a press release January 30. As with any real estate move, location had a bundle to do with moving from the Mississippi to one of its main branches, the Ohio River.

Darana, a sister company of AMPS Staffing, Inc., received approval from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority Board for the move, which is expected to yield 200 new jobs for Ohioans. Might etymology have something to do with it? Do your history here: Ohio, an unblemished Native American word, will be the new home to a company that proudly boasts 100% Native American ownership. The state name is originally from the Seneca (Iroquoian) “ohi:yo'”, which translates literally to “good river.”

Slated to occupy part of the Hamilton Enterprise Park, the $46 million capital investment was “a business decision to relocate our offices for several reasons, including abundant access to skilled employees and greater opportunity for growth,” said Darryl Cuttell, Darana Hybrid’s CEO. (Just to be clear, if the move is finalized for Hamilton, we’ll then be talking the Miami River about 30 miles north, not downtown Cincinnati on the Ohio).

Cuttell also verbalized the company’s strong ties with its Native American foundation, continuing that “as a 100% Native American-owned business, we understand the importance of creating both job and education opportunities as good stewards of the community.”

Although its core services include electromechanical solutions in the form of logistics and food and beverage services for the likes of FedEx, Tyson Foods, UPS, and Maxwell House, Darana also puts pride in its mobile services and safety record; the company claims to have zero accidents, and requires all its employees to go through the OSHA 10 training course as a minimum, according to its website. Lastly, Darana is planning an upcoming training venture.
The “first of many” training “boot camps” is expected to begin March 6, 2017. These rigorous training courses are open to anyone currently seeking employment in the electromechanical industry as well as those interested in pursuing a career in industrial trades. Boot camps last 5 days and are free for anyone to join, with a limit of 20 participants per session. Immediate jobs are available.
Darana Hybrid, Inc. is currently seeking applications for the following positions across the country:
  • Project Managers
  • Foremen
  • Supervisors
  • Journeymen Electricians
  • Conveyor Installers
  • Riggers
  • Electrical Helpers
  • Mechanical Helpers

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