Hold the Door

Handle security for the good of the realm

First came the latch, then the padlock, then the chain, then multiple padlocks, then the slide lock…before anything electrical was installed.

The first element of electromechanics to appear in door security was the keycode. Now, electromechanics appear to be rapidly permeating the industry. Allegion Electronics, for one, is attempting to position itself at the forefront.

‘Electromechanical’ is still quite a new term in the door hardware industry, according to Allegion’s Jeffrey Bennett, but the convergence of electronics and mechanical hardware has allowed it to recently gained traction.

The constant development of electronics married to the take-off of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to real and tangible benefits and solutions, while costs have gone down. Wireless solutions are in abundance, battery life is ever improving and easy retrofitting is the name of the game currently. Return on investment has never been higher – not just in monetary terms, but in security and safety terms, too. The devices are also appearing in colleges, such as DePaul University in Chicago in October 2016.

The university ordered 800 door barricade devices to be installed on its Lincoln Park and Loop campus classrooms in order to secure doors from outside threats like active shooter situations. DePaul paid $35,195 in a quantity order from door barricade maker Nightlock, according to Jess Villagomez and Sam Johnson of the DePaulia, the university’s student newspaper.


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