Electrical Apparatus Show podcast is coming soon!

The brand new Electrical Apparatus Show podcast is coming soon!

If you were ever curious about what an interview with EA editors is like or if the EA writing team has a sense of humor, the new biweekly podcast is meant for you. The Electrical Apparatus Show podcast will feature recent industry news, briefs on upcoming issues, interviews with industry members/readers, and, of course, witty banter that is FREE to download and listen.

How can you be a part of the podcast?

  1. Recommend news and ideas: Have a new facility opening soon? Hired a new employee? Want to hear more about a specific topic? Send us your news or ideas for the editors to consider in future podcast episodes–eamagazine@barks.com or call Bill O’Leary or Charlie Barks at 312-321-9440.
  2. Hear your name at the end of the first episode: Spread the word of the launch of the podcast–coming in early March 2017–by retweeting or sharing one of the posts mentioning the podcast in our social media. We will personally thank everyone who shared the posts to help spread the word in a special thank you section of the first episode.
  3. FOR ADVERTISERS, special limited-time only deal: Advertise your services or products in any of the first 12 episodes for only $100 per ad. Space is limited, but don’t miss out on reaching new and existing Electrical Apparatus readers in our target audience with your own words. Available with a print advertisement in a 2017 issue. Contact Kristine Weller at kweller@barks.com or 312-626-2316 for more information or to reserve space.


Look for the Electrical Apparatus Show podcast in early March and thank you for your support of Electrical Apparatus magazine!


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