Name Changer

Dowding & Mills of U.K. will now be under Sulzer name

Sulzer has announced that Dowding & Mills (UK) has changed its legal name to Sulzer Electro Mechanical Services (UK). Its portfolio of electrical services and mechanical repairs will not change, and it will continue to repair and maintain rotating equipment, and provide specialized services for pumps and turbomachinery.

The change in name brings the Sulzer’s UK structure in line with its global operation, and the renamed business will be able to take advantage of synergies across Sulzer’s rotating equipment services division.

“Our UK network has 16 electromechanical service centers that form a significant part of the electrical repair capability within the whole of Sulzer,” says Chris Powles, Sulzer’s head of electromechanical services for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “As such, they provide a wide range of specialist services that are essential for the electrical and mechanical portfolio offered to our customers worldwide.”

Sulzer acquired Dowding & Mills in June 2010, when it bought Castle Support Services for £127.5m. Castle owned Bootham Engineers and EMS, as well as Dowding and Mills. At the time, D&M employed about 1,400 people in the UK, the US, Australia and the UAE, and had annual sales worth £125.5m.

D&M’s origins date back to 1913, when William Dowding and Harry Mills set up a wiring company in Birmingham. As electric motors became more common, the focus of the business shifted to rewinds and repairs.

Steady expansion during the First World War led to the company taking “limited” status in 1919. Following a further period of rapid development during the Second World War, it became a public company in 1946. The expansion continued, creating a global network of rewind shops, mechanical repair facilities, electronic, instrument and calibration houses.


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