The Bright Side

Have you heard the good news?!

A few words you won’t find in this article: fraud, embezzlement, layoffs, disaster.

Cruisin’ with Armstrong. Armstrong Fluid Technology announced the winners from its Cruisin’ with Armstrong promotion from Toronto on March 6th. The winners of brand new Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycles from the promotion were a plumbing contractor and a counter sales person from Texas. Manuel Lopez, owner of Conquistador Plumbing in Lubbock, Texas, was the winner of the first Harley of a random draw in the promotion, which provided U.S. contractors with a $5 Visa Gift Card and one entry into a draw for the motorcycle every time they purchased certain Armstrong products. As the counter sales person who sold Lopez an Armstrong circulator at Morrison Supply Company in Lubbock, Texas, Keith Craddick also won a new Sportster.

Proudly displaying one of the two Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycles are winners Keith Craddick (3rd from left) and Manuel Lopez (4th from left) with his wife Lupe (front). Presenting the motorcycles were Ted Parker (L) and Allen Ruddick (R), with Hugh M. Cunningham representative organization; and Michael McCarthy (2nd from left), Armstrong Fluid Technology Central Region Sales Manager, U.S.—Armstrong Fluid Technology photo


Puck-er up. Two industry competitors took their rivalry to the ice in the spirit of hockey season (NHL playoffs start April 13th!) a couple weeks back in Ontario. On Saturday, February 25th, Regal Beloit Canada played against Motion Canada in what the companies called “a hard-fought” hockey game.

“Although we mixed up the teams, Regal won the match-up quite convincingly—we do not play “customer hockey” when it comes to this sport,” Regal posted on social media.

The game was played at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario and was put together as a friendly team building event between the organizations.


Ponytail Posse. Two all-girls teams stole the show at the annual Robotics Alley Conference and Expo Tuesday in Minneapolis. The Rubies and the Ponytail Posse, comprised of 9th grade STEM students from St. Paul, impressed engineering professionals on the floor with their robotics prowess and knack for invention. In addition to a tremendous reception, the girls were treated to a guest appearance by Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar, who greeted conference attendees via video. Klobuchar spoke to the crowd at large, saying that robotics technology will transform the workforce and economy.

Members of the Rubies marched Tuesday in the annual Robotics Alley Conference and Expo at the Depot Hotel in Minneapolis.—photo by Jerry Holt, Minneapolis Star-Tribune



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