Brighten Your Monday

Innovation Day USA offers an array of productive distractions

Spring has sprung, and that means a few things. The weather may not get any more rational, but it should at least get warmer, overall. A number of conventions are upon us. And the season of renewal acts as a symbol for the release of innovations. All of these things can combine to make the average Monday quite less bluesy. If you feel like giving this theory a test, next Monday wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

Siemens, ever-striving to stay at the apex of the innovation conversation, offers a new array of engaging activities at its Innovation Day USA on March 27, and everyone’s invited. The virtual event invites industry professionals to participate in online seminars, presentations, and even a rare tour of one of the company’s research and development facilities.

Demo and discussion topics on emerging trends and technologies will cover blockchain-based microgrids, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, intelligent infrastructure—like its systems in Lower Manhattan, where storm hardening technology separates the power grid into sections so neighborhoods can stay lit even if one section of the grid goes down.

Also featured will be tech-heavy gadgets and platforms like MindSphere (the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens), and SpiderBot (see above) live with its inventor.

Perhaps most exciting is the opportunity to go behind the scenes. A rare tour of Siemens U.S. R&D Hub in Princeton, NJ is offered as part of Innovation Day USA.

Presentations and interview opportunities include the likes of Roland Busch, Global CTO and Member of the Managing Board; Judy Marks, CEO, Siemens USA; Lak Ananth, Head of next47; Tony Hemmelgarn, President and CEO of the company’s PLM Software; Kurt Bettenhausen, head of global automation and control; and Dave Hopping, President, building technologies North America.


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