Motherson Connection?

Supposed bid for Bosch’s mo/gen division: $600m

Motherson Sumi, the multinational auto components company based in India, could be continuing a spree of acquisitions. The company is reportedly mulling a $600 million purchase of Bosch’s starter motors and generators unit.

Vivek Chaand Sehgal has been a dealmaker.— photo

Billionaire owner Vivek Chaand Sehgal—who set a revenue target of $18 billion for Motherson Sumi by 2020—would be allotting his 15th acquisition in as many years, according to the Economic Times. These include a 2009 acqusition of UK-based Visiocorp, the world’s largest rear view mirror manufacturer; a 2011 deal for German dashboard maker Peguform; and the January purchase of PKC Group, an auto components maker based in Finland with a strong distribution footprint in the United States.

Bosch, meanwhile, realigned its motors and generators division in 2015, looking for suitable buyers or partners for the entity that has sales over $1 billion on its own. Areas of operation for the division include passenger cars and automobiles, start/stop motors for start/stop systems, and electric motors for hybrid vehicles.

While media reports for the tentative deal arrived as early as March 26, Sehgal has yet to confirm anything…but that’s not for lack of certain, cryptic indication to the media.



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    […] of motors and generators…at least when it comes to multi-million dollar business deals. Just over a month ago, Motherson Sumi’s billionaire owner Vivek Chaand Sehgal hinted during an interview that he […]

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