Where There’s Smoke

Questionable usage of motors and generators causes fire at Utah residence

Motors and generators being used independently by residents at a home in Sandy, Utah caught fire and caused extensive damage to the dwelling, the displacement of the inhabitants, and potential danger to surroundings on Sunday, March 25. While the reason for personal use of the electrical equipment may have been out of necessity—the power had allegedly been cut to the residence several months prior—the life-threatening results serve as a safety reminder (groans permitted here).

According to a report by local news outlet Fox13, one passerby noticed smoke at the house and acted. The man, identified as Ben Perry, assisted two residents out of the burning house and reportedly heard explosions and hissing noises while he called 911.

Sandy Fire Department Chief Chris Dawson said it appeared the residents were operating “small motors” in the back of the house, near the shed. Those caught fire, which extended into the house and kitchen area.

Neighbors told authorities that those “small motors” were generators the residents were using because power was cut to the home. The house had previous incidents involving fire in 2015 and 2010.

For those who are properly trained and know how to handle their own equipment, this would be written off as a non-issue of ignorance and improper use. Understandable. It can also serve as a general reminder that safety measures are not to be underestimated, let alone completely ignored. Take it from a Houston fire captain, who sees them all the time (above).



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