Oh, Thank Heaven

Texas 7-Elevens will go as green as their logos in 2018

There’s an old saying: If 7-Eleven provides it, it has become the norm. Well…no, there’s not. But let’s hope that becomes the case with wind power.

The Dallas-based convenience store giant has signed an agreement with utility TXU Energy to power 425 of its stores in Texas with 100% wind energy in 2018. It’s a practical connection when considering Texas’ energy portfolio (a counter-intuitive nugget: in the case of wind power, Texas is more ‘progressive’ than any state, with over 20,000 MW of installed capacity in 2016.) The new layout is expected to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 6.7 percent while providing significant savings in operating expenses. Below, indulge in two minutes of mass-produced 7-Eleven factoids—some useful, others downright alarming—all churned out at the speed of roadside convenience.

The initial contract is set to begin June 1, 2018, and will run for eight years.

“Wind energy is a renewable, more cost-effective resource that will lower the carbon footprint of these stores as well as operating costs,” said Ben Tison, 7-Eleven senior vice president of development.

“Our customers, particularly millennials and younger Generation Z, care about sustainability and reducing environmental impacts, and they’re paying attention to what companies are doing,” he said.

Surprisingly, this won’t be the company’s biggest headline this week. 7-Eleven’s parent company announced Thursday it would buy convenience stores and gas stations from Sunoco, also based in Texas, for around $3.3 billion. That’s more Go-Go Taquitos than I care to calculate.


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