“Coop” Retires

Rotating equipment expert Michael Cooper retires

Esteemed engineer and rotating equipment specialist Michael Cooper, most recently a market manager at The Gund Company, retired Thursday. Mr. Cooper has been working with rotating equipment since his days in the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Submarine engine rooms in 1977.

“We are both delighted and disheartened,” Mike Moran, VP of Engineering and Business Development at Gund, said in a press release Thursday announcing Cooper’s retirement.

“His last day is Thursday, April 20th. Coop is gifted with a keen engineering mind, knack for personal and professional leadership, and a cooperative nature. Coop has led our rotating equipment market team for the last 2-1/2 years and has helped us continue to advance as an industry leader of insulation materials for rotating equipment,” read the rest of Mr. Moran’s statement. The Gund Company is based in St. Louis, where Cooper has spent a majority of his professional career.

Prior to working as the market manager of rotating equipment at Gund, Mr. Cooper had an extensive career at General Electric, where he started as a nuclear field engineer in 1981. He steadily moved up the ladder, first to a project management position at GE’s nuclear energy site in St. Louis—where he was responsible for instituting cost controls and pricing guidelines to move business from a negative contribution margin to a $400K gain during his tenure from 1994 to 1996—then to a sales management position at a GE service center (also in St. Louis), and many more including plant manager and global sales leader before ultimately becoming the company’s North American aftermarket leader for electrical distribution products in 2011.

Retirement is bittersweet. While the company laments the loss of invaluable experience, it also wishes ‘Coop’ a happy new beginning.

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