Toshiba Realignment

Four divisions: Infrastructure, Energy, Electronics, Information/Communications

Toshiba is splitting its corporation into four subdivisions, the company announced Monday. The decision follows Toshiba’s nuclear division—Westinghouse—filing for bankruptcy March 29.

The four subsidiaries will be infrastructure, including water treatment and railways; energy, including thermal and nuclear power; electronics, including data storage; and information and communications.

These will take effect in July, with the exception of the energy label, which will be effected in October.

In addition to the realignment, the company said it will replace its auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reuters reported Wednesday.

Toshiba also announced Thursday the start of commercial operation of its first ever biomass power plant. Mikawa Power Plant, the 50-MW facility, will supply enough electricity for 80,000 households and reduce CO2 emissions to about 300,000 tons a year. The plant will be operated by Toshiba subsidiary Sigma Power Ariake Corporation (SPAC) in Omuta, in the Fukuoka prefecture of Japan. It has been equipped to burn biomass in a circulating liquidized bed boiler, and is said to be capable of handling a variety of fuels.

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