PEARL Makeover

Name, logo, leadership changes highlight 20th anniversary

As it reaches its twentieth year, The Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) is undergoing a bit of a ‘reconditioning’ process itself.

For one, its name has changed, albeit a small tweak that still fits snugly into one of the better acronyms out there. The ‘R’ in ‘reconditioning’ used to stand for ‘recycling’…part of PEARL’s conscious effort to corral new members by redefining the practice. ‘Recycling’, PEARL representatives say, has too much of a negative connotation. People hear ‘recycling’ and they think ‘trash’, if only subconsciously. This becomes of heightened importance in industries that deal with electrical equipment and machinery. Recycled can often carry the implication of being damaged—and PEARL wants to make it clear that’s not the case.

PEARL has appointed a new Board of Directors as well, the organization announced May 16. Howard Herndon, president of SouthWest Electritech Services, has been appointed as the new president of PEARL for a two-year term. He succeeds Doug Powell, owner of National Switchgear (featured in the January 2016 issue of Electrical Apparatus).

“This will be a particularly important year for PEARL as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, promote our new branding and anticipate the publishing of our ANSI reconditioning standard,” said Herndon. “PEARL offers an essential service to the electrical marketplace and to the reconditioning industry that continues to evolve and develop year after year. I am looking forward to leading the organization as it moves into its next 20 years.”

The new Board of Directors was announced at PEARL’s 20th annual Electrical Safety, Reliability and Sustainability Conference & Exhibition, which took place April 6-9 in Newport Beach, California. Casey Blevins of National Switchgear, Scott Vaughn of Brah Electric, and Terry Wanamaker of Quality Switchgear have joined the board for the first time as alternate directors.

Lastly, PEARL’s got a fresh logo—and a remodeled website. Reduce, reuse, recondition!


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