This time, a Plant OPENS

Samsung moves jobs from Mexico to South Carolina

In a move welcomed by workers and politicians, Samsung Electronics has announced plans to invest $380,000 to open a new appliance factory in South Carolina.

The new factory, located in Newberry County, will produce washing machines and other appliances, including some oven ranges that are currently made in Mexico, according to a report by John McDermott in the Charleston Post and Courier.  A plant formerly used by Caterpillar will be repurposed for part of the new facility, and an estimated 950 new jobs will be created, making a substantial impact on Newberry County’s population of 40,000. Additionally, Samsung currently operates an 800-person call center in nearby Greenville County.

Governments, schools and businesses in South Carolina have developed a number of cooperative initiatives designed to bring industry back to the state, and are receiving some credit for the Samsung move.  Al Lanctot, executive director of the Center for International Business at the University of South Carolina, told the Washington Post that, “The state wants companies that can give a balanced employment opportunity for all kinds of skill sets, leaning more into blue collar. ”  Mentioning that many deals “have been in line for a while,” Lanctot suggested that it may be too early to tell whether reshoring rhetoric from President Trump and others will bring additional deals to the state.  Nonetheless, commented U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in a press release, “Samsung’s investment is great news for South Carolina and the United States, and it is a direct reflection of the fact that America is becoming an even stronger destination for global businesses looking to grow.”


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