Helwig Brushes Up

Company makes strategic organization changes

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc., the Milwaukee-based supplier of carbon brushes and holders for electric motors, announced Wednesday of several strategic changes in their organization “to position the company for growth and to better serve customers.”

Jay Koenitzer—Helwig Carbon photo

Citing changes in the industrial marketplace and the electric motor and generator markets, Helwig ushered in a strategic reorganization that shifts Jay Koenitzer (currently Vice President of sales and marketing) to sales representative for the SE Wisconsin sales territory, as well as a consultant in sales and marketing while remaining on the Board of Directors; and moving Robert Karlheim to Koenitzer’s current post of VP of sales and marketing, effective August 1. Mr. Karlheim will be managing all marketing, sales and service representatives, business development, and will also be a member of the management team reporting directly to President Mark Umhoefer, who was quoted as saying the realignment “embraces the opportunities and challenges of this environment and has made organizational adjustments that will move us forward in a dynamic way” in a press release Wednesday.

Mr. Koenitzer has been with the company since 1991 and has been instrumental in driving Helwig Carbon’s strategic evolution and internet presence. Meanwhile, Karlheim has been at Helwig since 1995 and has extensive technical experience across multiple functions of the business. Mr. Karlheim will relocate to Milwaukee from Dallas.

Additionally, Michael Burke Sr. will assume the role of sales representative for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana on August 1. Mr. Burke joined the company in 1998 and was instrumental in growing the OEM motor and generator business. Mr. Burke will be relocating to the Dallas area.

Robert Karlheim—Helwig Carbon photo

Helwig is one of the last American-owned manufacturers of carbon brushes, brush holders, constant force springs, and mechanical carbons. Helwig Carbon is also the only sliding electrical contact manufacturer that designs, engineers, and manufactures the complete brush circuit in the same facility. The carbon brushes and holders are designed for maximum performance on large industrial motors both commutator and slipring, fractional horsepower motors, tachometers, synchronous motors, and permanent magnetic motors. Industries served include aerospace, HVAC, medical, motor repair, OEM, power generation, steel, paper, elevator, and railroad. In addition, Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. engineers and manufactures shaft grounding systems for bearing protection utilizing special silver graphite brush technology which protects electric motor bearings.


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