Four-Pronged Approach

Superior Plumbing & Heating acquires sheet metal company

What do a sheet metal company, a plumbing operation, an underground contractor and an electrical repair company have in common? Usually not a lot—unless they’re in Salina, Kansas and are all owned by The Superior Group. This is one company that has figured out the benefits of diversification.

Superior Plumbing & Heating Co., the industrial and commercial mechanical plumbing company formed in 1979, in Salina, Kan., recently acquired South Industrial Sheet Metal Co., the Salina Journal reported July 22.

South Industrial is a fourth generation sheet metal manufacturing company that has called Salina home for more than 50 years.

Superior is also the parent company for Systems 4, Boretec, and Superior Pump & Electric Motor.

Systems 4 specializes in commercial and residential plumbing and HVAC services, as well as industrial HVAC maintenance and repair. Boretec provides underground contractor solutions, specializing in utility installation through trenching and underground directional drilling. Superior Pump & Electric Motor specializes in pump and electric motor repair for a variety of industries.

South Industrial Sheet Metal specializes in all areas of sheet metal and structural steel fabrication for agricultural, commercial and industrial customers. Specialties include: environmental control, sand blasting and a wide variety of other metal related projects.

Recent examples from companies featured in EA have shown us that diversification is one of the safest ways to increasing sales and revenue. Superior Electric’s parent company has caught on, and it now boasts strong variety through four businesses under the umbrella of what was originally an HVAC/R operation.


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