ABB Wins Iraq Order

Substation to connect new power plant near Basra to national grid

ABB announced Wednesday it has won an order to supply and install a substation at the 3,000 megawatt Rumaila power plant, located in the Basra region of southern Iraq. The completed power plant will be operated by Shamara Holding Group (SHG), one of Iraq’s largest private industrial conglomerates and an independent power producer. The order is worth $30 million.

Rumaila is expected to increase power generation capacity by about 20 percent and address acute shortages of electricity, hampering economic growth in the country. The 3,000 MW from the Rumaila power plant will add to Iraq’s current generation of 13,000 MW, which is short of the country’s peak load demand of about 23,000 MW. Iraq balances its high power demand and low supply capacity through load shedding, which means power is only available to its 34 million citizens for about 15 hours each day. The addition of new generating plants will increase electricity supply, and support economic growth.

Basra, located on the Shatt al-Arab River in the portion of the country that thins out between the Iran and Kuwait borders into the Persian Gulf, is Iraq’s second largest city with a population of 2.6 million. It is a port city that is a major center of trade, holds vast oil reserves, and has been called the country’s “gateway to the outside world.” It is also in a region that is not currently affected by any heavy combat from the ongoing conflict in Syria, which has permeated parts of Iraq as recently as July.

The Swiss-based corporation will design, engineer, supply and install the 400 kilovolt (kV) air insulated switchgear (AIS) substation, which will be equipped with technology and instrument transformers from ABB. The substation will also be equipped with advanced digital control, protection and telecommunication systems.


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