Welcome to Motors 101

Baldor’s introductory courses can get your staff started

There are still openings left for two basic courses being offered by Baldor Electric Co. The Fort Smith, Ark. manufacturer is offering introductory courses on a range of technical subjects that can be essential for an incoming workforce. “Introduction to AC Motors” and “Introduction to Drives” still have openings available as of September 7.

“Introduction to AC Motors” is a one-day training course that covers various motor starting methods, primary causes of motor failure, comparisons of IEC vs. NEMA, how to correctly size a motor, various motor applications, enclosure options, and inverter-capable vs. inverter-duty.

“Introduction to Drives” includes Baldor’s “Hands on Lab” and ABB factory tour. This course has a focus on VFD Drive Applications, drive commissioning, parameter definitions, faults and warnings, and diagnosing drive problems. Trainees will get to work with their hands on demos during the course.

Both courses left will take place at the Baldor Power Solutions Technology Lab in New Berlin, Wisc., October 17, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Click here for dates, pricing, and registration, or call Kent Greenwald at Baldor Power Solutions (262 784-5940) for information about brief training sessions at customer locations.

Power hour sessions include: Motor VFD Sizing & Applying; Protecting Your Motors; Applying Drives on Your Application; VFD Programming Made Easy; Parameter Explanation in Depth; Communication to ABB Drives; Master Follower; ABB/ Baldor Servo Overview; Servo Programming; How do ABB Drives Stack Up?; and Pump and Fan Energy Software.

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