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Essex expands magnet wire branch to Eastern Europe

Essex Group Inc., of Fort Wayne, Ind., announced Monday it plans to expand its round magnet wire and winding wire manufacturing capability to Eastern Europe. The new greenfield plant will be located in Serbia and provide global OEMs with the same magnet and winding wire Essex makes at its other facilities in 7 countries across 3 continents.

With the addition of this new facility in Serbia, Essex hopes to make it easier for global manufacturers to seamlessly source magnet wire for all of their assembly facilities. The Balkan location will create a European triangle; complimenting existing Essex plants in Germany and Italy. It also intends to provide local service to nearby manufacturers of electric motors and coils for the automotive, commercial and residential markets, per Monday’s news release. Speaking of magnet wire…did you know it can be thinner than the hair on your head?

“At Essex, we are making it easier for global customers to grow and transfer their Essex magnet wire products wherever they are needed. With this new plant in Serbia, we demonstrate our commitment to servicing our customers in Europe and beyond,” said Brian Kim, CEO of Superior Essex. Customers may expect to receive service from this facility starting in the 4th quarter of 2018.

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