Atlanta Supply Auction

USESCO (ATL) closing after 30 years, auctions supplies

Atlanta-based electrical wholesaler U.S. Electrical Supply is closing its doors after more than 30 years and will be selling its remaining inventory in an auction, the date of which has been pushed back due to hurricane-related weather in the southeast. The original two-day auction was set for September 14-15. Carl Carter of Compass Auctions and Real Estate, which is conducting the auction, told EA it is now set for September 29. It is expected to feature more than 1,100 lots of equipment.

As of Thursday, USESCO had not returned a call for comment. The auction is expected “to attract a lot of electrical contractors, individual electricians, retailers, builders and others, who will see it as an opportunity to build up their inventory of electrical supplies they are constantly needing,” Paige Holt, president of the auction company, said in a press release September 7. The impact of Hurricane Irma—and rainfall from Jose and Maria following it—could affect those prospects. Carter told EA that the scope of the auction may be slightly refocused now, with certain people and/or businesses needing specific supplies and equipment for recovery purposes.

More than 30,000 unique items were on the lot to be sold, including circuit breakers, transformers, conduits, conduit fittings, bus plugs, panel switches, combination starters, termination kits, junction boxes, unilets, lights, switches, fuses and other items. Brand names included Appleton, Square D, General Electric, Siemens and many others. “Because the business is closing, we’ll be selling not only the electrical supplies, but forklifts, racking, scissor lifts and other assets used for managing the warehouse as well,” Holt had said originally. “U.S. Electric has been the only surplus dealer in the Atlanta area selling construction grade electrical apparatus. So there may be some items in this auction that will be more difficult to find before long.”

Compass Auctions and Real Estate, based in Chattanooga, is Tennessee’s only certified Women’s Business Enterprise woman-owned auction and real estate company. The firm has more than 50 years of combined experience in government surplus, heavy equipment, vehicles, land and charitable auctions. It also has locations in Nashville and Lebanon, Tennessee, as well as in western Kentucky.


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