Daimler Turns the Tide

German automaker to invest $1B in Alabama plant

Another gesture towards the potency of the electric vehicle market was made September 21, with a high-line German car builder also opting to ‘reshore’ 600 American jobs in the process.

Germany’s Daimler said it will invest $1 billion to expand its U.S.-based Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama to start building electric SUVs there by 2020.

More than 600 new jobs are expected to be created from the project, which aims to erect a new facility in 2018. The annex near the current factory in Tuscaloosa will produce batteries for zero-emission vehicles, according to a Daimler statement made to Reuters. The company has already been active in the EV market, completing one of the first electric freightliners on the trucking scene last year:

Stuttgart-based Daimler appears to be pouncing on a trend that, despite overall growth, has actually reduced in percentage growth every year since 2014. Even sophisticated vacuum companies are getting in on the act. Despite a continuous and impressive increase in the electric car stock, electric vehicle supply equipment deployment and electric car sales in the past five years, annual growth rates have been declining. In 2016, the electric car stock growth was 60%, down from 77% in 2015 and 85% in 2014, according to a the International Energy Agency’s study on the global EV outlook for 2017.

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