Powering the Powerless

Yamaha lends a hand in Puerto Rico

Yamaha Motor Corp. USA’s Outdoor Power Equipment Division has announced that it is donating nearly 400 generators to the Red Cross for its disaster relief efforts.

Yamaha announced in a press release Tuesday that it is donating both its 2000-watt and 2800-watt inverter generator models to the Red Cross to assist in the immediate disaster relief efforts for the stricken island of Puerto Rico, which was devastated by the impact of Hurricane Maria, which made landfall on the island September 19 and caused catastrophic damage and mass power outages already sustained from two prior hurricanes.

“The devastation and the impact to so many lives on the entire island of Puerto Rico is simply overwhelming,” said Kim Ruiz, Yamaha’s Senior Vice President. “And as a result, Yamaha is very proud to support the Red Cross’s efforts to help those so much in need through this donation of much-needed portable power. We would also like to sincerely thank the Environmental Protection Agency for their swift assistance as well in helping to facilitate this donation.”

The 2000-watt and 2800-watt models are easy to transport, can run equipment needed for various clean-up efforts, and can also run household appliances when necessary and will undoubtedly be useful immediately in areas still without power, the company stated.

As of October 1, Hurricane Maria had reportedly caused at least 78 deaths, including 34 in Puerto Rico, according to the National Hurricane Center. Puerto Rico has suffered catastrophic damage, including destruction of its previously damaged electrical grid. Total losses from the hurricane are estimated at around $91 billion, mostly in Puerto Rico, making Maria’s cost comparable to that of previous Hurricanes Irma and Harvey of late August and early September, respectively.

Headquartered in California since 1960, Yamaha also has sales and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Despite being primarily identified for its powersports products such as motorcycles, the company also makes a range of electric motors and generators, inverters, and pumps used in a variety of smaller business applications. This is also not the first time the company has made an effort to be philanthropical. It participated in TICAM water relief efforts in Africa around this same time last year.


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