Diehard Fans

New industrial floor fans! Wait…in winter? 

Ah, California. One of the few places in the United States with the luxury of marketing air conditioning products year-round.

While a majority of the country is more likely to be scrambling for space heaters this time of year, one L.A.-area-based company is churning out a new line of industrial floor fans. And despite our envy at their warmth, we can’t blame them; since these fans are affordable and look worth considering for shops, plants, and home repair operations.

NewAir launched two new industrial-grade fans November 10 designed with business and homeowners in mind. Those lucky enough to be looking for A.C. right now can consider the company’s WindPro18F floor and WindPro18W wall models, which it says are built for specs commonly found in warehouses and industrial workplaces, but that are harder for small business owners and average users to find for an affordable price. Others in states preparing for hibernation might want to consider buying early for next summer, as NewAir’s 18-inch floor model is priced at only $69.95. For comparison, longtime industry-trusted standard-bearer ULINE’s 18-inch model runs at $109.99.

“We know that sometimes people need more power than a traditional box fan can provide. Our industrial-grade construction makes these new fans perfect for use in garages, workshops and outbuildings,” explains Andrew Stephenson, Director of Product Marketing at NewAir.

The new models implement a dual ball bearing motor instead of the more common sleeve motor. Sleeve motors can overheat and therefore have a shorter life span than ball bearing motors, a reason NewAir chose to upgrade the motor in their design. “The bearing motor also makes our fans quieter and more durable than similar fans in their class,” Stephenson says. They also “pack a punch,” the company claims, with 3,000 CFMs of power. “That’s enough wind speed to blow out a candle that’s standing 51 feet away from the fan,” Stephenson said (see above). “We’re really excited to bring that much power and durability to the market, making it perfect for not only workshops, garages and tradespeople, but for home applications as well.”

Cypress, Calif.-based NewAir is a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of luxury compact home appliances, including everything from beverage coolers to portable laundry solutions.

Just because we’re freezing our fingers off in Chicago for the next 4 months doesn’t mean we aren’t looking out for our readers in enviable climates. It was 80 degrees in Tucson today; 73 in San Diego, and 76 in Tampa. Bundle up.

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