A Day at the Market

New market analysis shows changing landscape

A new report was released by HTF Market Intelligence this Monday, showing the current market shares held by major electrical apparatus companies and predicting future growth. The research covers the current market size of the global electrical apparatus market and its growth rates based on five-year history data along with company profiles of key manufacturers. Despite running for a hefty tab of $2900 to be viewed in full, the report’s overview demonstrates a significant amount on its own…and it includes a pie chart with the percentages left out, which makes for quite the guessing game.

Electrical apparatus market shares.—HTF Market Intelligence image

We promise you this is not boring.

On the contrary, the ‘rivalry’ between Emerson and Rockwell is quite compelling. They have almost exactly equal slices of the pie; and consider that one tried to buy the other three times in the past year, to no avail. Rockwell hasn’t felt intimidated by its bidder’s ‘veteran presence’.

Market reports bring the drama.

The competitive drive of Siemens and Honeywell is ever-increasing. These two are looking to build programs that can compete with the big boys over the next five years.

Meanwhile, Schneider, ABB, and GE Power can still proclaim the title of those ‘big boys’. But it’s getting tighter down the stretch. Emerson and Rockwell are sneakily evening the playing field.

Pie charts are the original MEMEs.

Plot twist: Remember GE’s fateful announcement in December that it was slashing its dividend, cutting 12,000-some-odd jobs, dropping its lightbulb and railroad businesses, and essentially undergoing a full, unprecedented rebuild equivalent to the New York Yankees starting from scratch again? Yeah, well that announcement included cuts to approximately one in every five employees of GE Power. So that lion’s share should expect a serious spoil.

What surprises does next year’s episode have in store?

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