Solcon Joins Premier

North American distribution will be under new entity, Solcon Solutions

Monroeville, Pa.-based Premier Automation has partnered with Solcon Industries to form Solcon Solutions. Electrical Apparatus spoke with Walter Dollard, managing partner of Premier Automation, on the partnership, which developed through the companies’ past experience together.

“Solcon was looking to have more of a partnership with someone in the U.S. We’ve gotten to know them over the years,” said Dollard, noting that Premier had provided some logistical help for them, as well as inventory management and panel building (one of Premier’s specialties, see more below) in the past. “Initially, we were helping with the peaks and valleys of their own operation. They asked us to manage their North American operations for them,” Dollard said. 

Thus, Premier and Solcon have set up an independent company called Solcon Solutions, owned by Dollard and his partner. The original Solcon (Industries) remains its own entity in Israel, while Premier will take on the role of being its master distributor for the North American market. “Anybody that wants to buy their products will [do so] through us,” Dollard mentioned, “and we also will customize any of the products into a solution in this market. Where we need to work for special applications, we will.” Premier will buy and then distribute product from Solcon under the partnership. “We will sell, support, and integrate products for them under the Solcon [name]…so it’s an independent company, my partner and I happen to own Premier Automation, and a few other businesses, but we treat this as an independent business.”

Premier Automation is an engineered solutions company that specializes in providing automation, drive and electrical control solutions and services to industrial markets. The company offers industry-specific technology solutions aimed to help customers increase their industrial productivity, efficiency and overall systems performance. System integration capabilities include drives, motion control, PLC, and HMI. In-house repair services are offered for semiconductor, board level, PLC, drive, and legacy products, providing customers with the option to maintain the full functionality of their existing equipment for future years to come. Premier performs AC & DC drive and motor repairs, thyristor assembly rebuilds, PLC Repairs, and circuit board repairs. The company’s test lab can offer services such as AC testing (up to 1kV), DC testing (up to 1.4kV), HIPOT testing, load testing for both AC and DC drives up to 200 hp, and thyristor testing for gate operation and PIV leakage current up to 5kV. It also boasts a UL508 certified panel shop. Premier’s current suppliers include ABB, Siemens, GE, Omron, Allied Electronics, Hubbell, Grainger, and Pentair, among others.

Solcon has experience in pump application and soft starter technology. Going strong since 1977, it is a power electronics company that has been at the forefront of design, development and manufacturing of industrial electronic systems for 40 years. The company provides low voltage and medium voltage soft starter technology, as well as motor protection and associated products, taking pride in being “The Soft Start Specialist,” providing solutions for the toughest applications including the mining, marine and oil & gas industries.


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