Self-Driving Fatality

Accident in Tempe forces Uber to suspend program

The vaunted technology of self-driving vehicles saw its first major failure on the evening of March 19, when one of the cars caused a fatality in Tempe, Arizona. A 39-year old pedestrian was the victim.

The tragic accident prompted Uber, the company responsible, to suspend all driverless vehicle operations immediately.

The technology in driverless vehicles is designed to use sensors and data systems to navigate and avoid obstacles. This generally involves utilization of global positioning systems (GPS), light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors, radar, cameras and other equipment to help detect lane markings, bicycles, other vehicles and pedestrians.

Video was released of the incident Wednesday. The footage shows a scenario that the cars were designed to avoid.

Tempe, Arizona police released the video showing the fatal collision that occurred on March 19, 2018. The video shows the exterior view of the Uber vehicle leading up to the collision, however it does not include the collision itself due to the graphic nature of the impact. It then shows the interior view of the vehicle operator leading up to the collision.


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