Techies, unite! Briefs from the world of clouds, servers, and the IoT. 

Microsoft investing big in IoT. Microsoft announced April 4 that it will invest an additional $5 billion towards the Internet of Things. The money is expected to be spread evenly over the next four years into the IoT sector. As part of company restructuring, the platform pioneer said it would be focusing primarily on its “intelligent cloud and intelligent edge” services and devices instead of the company’s ubiquitous operating system, Windows. It appears to build on a future of IoT and cloud-related technology like Microsoft Azure.

IoT bugs. Also in IoT news, and not for the faint of heart: an excellent WIRED article delves into another form of IoT vulnerability. Lily Hay Newman dissects hackers “taking the scenic route” to ransomware attacks via IoT-connected devices.

Apples and oranges. There used to be a steadfast end segment on Sportscenter called ‘Did You Know?’…Actually, it may still exist—I don’t watch anymore—but I digress. This would’ve been perfect for a ‘Techcenter’ variety. Did You Know?: Apple’s highly touted renewable energy numbers (and those of plenty other companies worldwide) are skewed by renewable energy certificates? Yes, that’s correct, Apple’s magnanimous announcement last week heralding its landmark achievement of reaching 100% is tainted…depending on your standards. The company conveniently didn’t mention its certificates—which account for approximately 34% of that total. Hope my iPhone still works by the end of the day.

ATS acquires ACS. Can’t decide if this acquisition makes the involved companies more confusing, or less, by consolidation. Aviation Technical Services (ATS) announced April 4 that it has acquired American Cooler Service (ACS) Inc., a company that specializes in heat exchangers, fuel systems, pneumatics, and electromechanical components. Located in Dallas, Texas, ACS is a FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Station, Accessories I & II, with over twenty years of experience in providing dependable maintenance solutions for customers across six continents. This acquisition expects to create a broader product offering for ATS’ customers in the aviation accessory aftermarket business with new products as well as the existing pneumatic, ACM and electrical product lines that ATS offers. Read that back ten times fast.

Tesla using machine shops. Among its pile of woes lately are Tesla’s problems with flawed parts. The company’s supplier relationships and due diligence have been questioned, all the while contributing to suffering sales and lagging production. To address the flawed parts, CNBC reported Tesla is using an array of local machine shops for repairs. These include JL Precision in San Jose, California.


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