Top Distributor Awards

Bartlett, Midpoint, Morgan take home honors

Each year, Electro Static Technology recognizes its top AEGIS distributors. This is the ninth consecutive year the company has honored distributors for their excellence in sales and customer service.

The 2017 Top Distributor Award goes to Bartlett Bearing Company for its outstanding AEGIS sales campaign to the motor repair market and its unwavering commitment to world-class customer service. Family-owned, Bartlett Bearing is an independent national distributor of bearings and electromechanical parts. Through its “Full Circle Solution” Program and its locations in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, and Florida, Bartlett provides AEGIS Rings paired with advice, customer training and service.

An AEGIS distributor since 2006, Midpoint Bearing received the award for Best Regional Motor Repair Distributor for its impressive sales growth and promotion of AEGIS products. Serving the West Coast and southwestern/midwestern United States since 1985, Midpoint provides premium ball and roller bearings through its locations in California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Indiana. The company’s dedicated sales team is committed to providing customers with quality products, advice, and professional service.

In the international market, the electrical division of Morgan Advanced Materials was awarded International Distributor of the Year for the fourth time “in recognition of its outstanding sales campaign and exceptional customer service,” per a May 9 AEGIS/Electro Static press release. Serving Europe, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, Morgan Advanced Materials’ staff focuses on aftermarket and OEM solutions in applications such as rail vehicles, wind turbines, specialty machinery, and HVAC/R.

Congratulations to these top AEGIS distributors on their exceptional efforts and performance.

AEGIS technology is designed for use when variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to control electric motors. The VFD induces destructive voltages on the motor shaft which discharge through the motor bearings or bearings in attached equipment. These discharges cause fusion craters on the bearing race walls. Over time, this can lead to noise, vibration, bearing failure, and catastrophic motor failure.

The AEGIS shaft grounding ring channels these harmful VFD-induced shaft currents safely to ground. Unlike conventional grounding brushes, shaft grounding rings do not require regular maintenance, and work with virtually no friction or wear for the service life of the motor.

Electro Static Technology is a global leader in the elimination and/or mitigation of induced electrical charges on rotating and moving surfaces. Electro Static Technology manufactures the patented technology AEGIS shaft grounding ring for the electric motors and generators and is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a $14 billion Global Fortune 500 diversified manufacturing company with operations in 56 countries.

For more information, contact: Adam Willwerth, Sales and Marketing Manager, Electro Static Technology, 31 Winterbrook Road, Mechanic Falls, ME 04256, Toll-Free: (866)738-1857, TEL: (207)998-5140, FAX: (207) 998-5143, sales(at),

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