WindPower 2018

AWEA hold’s annual conference in the city of wind

All too fitting that it should be held in The Windy City.

WINDPOWER, the Western Hemisphere’s largest wind and renewable energy conference, kicked off this week in Chicago with Steve Lockard, AWEA’s newly elected Board Chair and President and CEO of TPI Composites, providing the organization’s vision and direction for American wind power to more than 7,500 attendees—registration numbers that have more than doubled since last year.

“We’re gathering in Chicago to celebrate the success of the wind industry and chart a course for the next phase of wind energy growth,” said Lockard. “Wind has cut costs at a pace similar to the semiconductor industry. Now utilities, corporate customers and investors are all prioritizing affordable wind energy because it makes business sense and helps to decarbonize our electric sector. Make no mistake: wind is winning, and will keep winning if our industry stays focused on priorities that attain, elevate and grow demand.”

The business leaders, investors, policy experts, engineers, technicians, students and others who gather at WINDPOWER each year are leading the transformation of America’s electricity supply to be more affordable, reliable and clean.

U.S. wind power has added nearly 30,000 megawatts (MW) of capacity since 2013, the last time WINDPOWER took place in Chicago, and with 89,379 MW installed today wind is now the largest source of U.S. renewable electricity generating capacity. In fact, wind power now reliably supplies 6.3 percent of all U.S. electricity and more than 30 percent of the electricity in Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and South Dakota. The industry employs a record 105,500 Americans working in wind farms or factories in all 50 states.


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