Tekwell’s Addition

Tennessee shop adds ultrasonic cleaning unit

Tekwell Services announced an important new addition Tuesday.

The company has purchased a new custom-designed Stoelting Lewis Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit to enhance Tekwell’s in-shop electric motor repair service offerings for customers, it said in a press release May 15.

This unit uses high frequency sound waves and a cleaning solution to clean and remove contaminants from parts and saves a lot of time in the process. Parts such as armatures, wound rotors, synchronous coils, field frames, stators, induction rotors, clutch and brake coils can be cleaned in a fraction of the time used previously and with better results.

The unit can handle parts as long as 115″ long and 42″ wide and includes a generator/control enclosure, pump recirculation system, and a chiller.

Here is a list of some of the other services that this unit performs:

– Removes trapped or inaccessible carbon deposits behind commutators.

– Removes built up layers of red insulator paint to allow for better visual inspection of winding conditions.

– Removes built up paints from air ducts to facilitate cooling.

– Removes dirt and contamination that have migrated between wires in random windings.

– Improves megger and polarization index tests.

– Improves surge and hipot testing results.

– Properly prepares the windings for varnish treatment.

“This was a great investment to provide an additional layer of quality for our shop, especially within our motor rewinding service,” said Neil Koepke, Sales Leader at Tekwell Services. “The ability to remove dirt, paint and contamination in the windings alone made it worth the price.”

With state-of-the-art shops located in Cartersville, GA and Knoxville, TN, Tekwell Services specializes in industrial motor repair, electric motor refurbishment, motor and gearbox alignment.


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