Bye Aerospace

Company partners with Siemens for potentially groundbreaking plane

Bye Aerospace has partnered with Siemens for future development of the company’s Sun Flyer 2. Siemens will provide the electric propulsion motor and inverter for the plane.

“Members of the Siemens team have already been participating in development and certification meetings with the FAA, and we will be making future announcements about progress with the Sun Flyer 2’s flight test program,” George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, said in a press release.

The Sun Flyer family of aircraft, which includes the 2-seat Sun Flyer 2 and 4-seat Sun Flyer 4, intends to be the first FAA-certified, U.S.-sponsored, all-electric airplanes for the flight training and general aviation markets. To accommodate the aircraft’s needs it will be outfitted with the SP70D motor from Siemens with a 90kW peak and a continuous rating of 70kW.

“The Siemens SP70D motor has been specifically designed for the needs of 2-seater flight trainers,” said Dr. Frank Anton, executive vice President and head of eAircraft, Siemens. “We know that safety, performance and cost of electric propulsion in the flight training market will be game changing and we are proud to partner on the Sun Flyer family of aircraft.”


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