Everything Must Go

Last day of GM plant auction in Janesville this week

Midwesterners: tomorrow is your last chance.

Officials from Commercial Development Company Inc. announced last Friday that they will host a second online auction to sell equipment from the former General Motors Assembly Plant in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The site was announced for closure in 2008 to the disheartening of many residents and workers. A prime example of the impact of that year’s economic recession and the parallel plight of the auto industry, the Janesville GM plant opened in 1919 and would’ve been 100 years old next year. Before the 2008 shutdown, it had employed over 1,200 workers. Demolition of the former plant started in April, as well as the first auction of equipment and machinery. But as you can see below, local residents won’t let its history go to waste if they can help it:

Some other available equipment and machinery include English works boilers, portable hydraulic units, air compressors, jib cranes and diesel generators, and the following items:

  • BB transformers NEMA Class AA Dry Type (over 300)
  • Primary Sub Station: GE Magne Blast Circuit Breakers / ITE Circuit Breakers type 15 HK
  • Aisle crossing arms
  • 2,200 feet of 1600-amp all copper buss way (already taken down)
  • And much more

Registration for this online auction can submitted at the following website: https://www.aucto.com/event/neilkruel/former-gm-assets-for-immediate-release/9931

The online bidding has been going on all this week and will continue through tomorrow.

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