Record In Store?

PG&E proposal would ink over triple the amount of Tesla’s Australian array

Pacific Gas & Electric, California’s main utility and one of the largest suppliers of power in the country, is eyeing a record in the energy storage world with a bold proposal.

The company wants to convert three natural gas plants into battery storage arrays, a total capacity of 2,270 GW that would more than triple the world’s current record: Tesla’s Australian site installed last year. Ironically, PG&E is working with Tesla on this landmark proposal, as well. However, with PG&E financing the majority of this project, it would be the ‘record holder’ upon completion.

It would include the largest lithium-ion battery installation of its kind: a 300 MW, 1,200 MWh storage project owned by a subsidiary of Vistra Energy, Dynegy Marketing and Trade. Tesla’s 100 MW, 129 MWh battery project at Hornsdale Power Reserve in Australia is the current record holder since being completed in December 2017.

“PG&E’s procurement request is also a ‘landmark event’ because the utility would own the 182.5 MW, 730 MWh project it is building with Tesla. ‘I imagine this is the largest utility-owned, non-hydro, storage project in the world by far,’ Alex Eller, senior energy research analyst at Navigant, told Utility Dive, who reported on the story July 3. ‘Essentially, I see this as one of our largest utilities recognizing that the technology risk of battery storage is minimal and they have full faith that it can deliver the promised benefits at a competitive cost.'”


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