From Shop to Show

IMTS discusses Internet of Things connections

IMTS is a trade show that prides itself on connections. The most prominent of these that comes to mind is contained in its title—that of manufacturing and technology. This year’s show will emphasize connecting machines to a network for monitoring and performance analysis. “Many of the machine tools on display will be connected to a monitoring system, perhaps running in another company’s booth—or even, in some cases, a competitor’s booth,” writes Mark Albert, Editorial Director of Modern Machine Shop.

These are indicators of the Industrial Internet of Things in action, Albert says. “Data exchange and interoperability standards such as MTConnect and OPC/UA have made shop floor connectivity feasible and relatively easy. Exhibitors are eager to show that their hardware is readily connectable to a network for sharing data, or that their software is ready to process data from equipment connected to a network.” For some background, recall how the Internet of Things has steadily permeated the world of manufacturing:

That permeation is now being seen in the machine shop, and elsewhere. Take IMTS’ CAD/CAM pavilion, which will be on display this year in Chicago. The world of custom automation and the latest software is on display in this pavilion, everything you need to extract the maximum efficiency from your machine tool — optimizing your plant operations and cost efficiency.

At IMTS, controls, CAD/CAM and other digitally-enabled tools will help define Smart Manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and other advancements in the digital enterprise. Visitors will learn how to be part of the trend to further connect islands of digital data into a fully integrated solution from design to performance to recycle and reuse.


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