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The drone market is growing faster and larger than expected

The drone market is growing faster and larger than expected. A new report from Navigant Research expects it to reach at least $13 billion by 2026. The report examines the use of drones and robotics for electric transmission and distribution (DRTD) operations, with global market forecasts for revenue, broken out by technology, application segment, and region, through 2026.

“Drones and robotics technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way utilities interact with their transmission and distribution (T&D) assets and collect critical data,” the report contends. “As pilot programs continue to drive regulatory change, and as emerging technologies advance, Navigant Research forecasts exponential growth in the hardware, software, and services segments of the drones and robotics for transmission and distribution (DRTD) market.”

We reported in November of 2017 that drones were being increasingly employed to the real-time monitoring of the smart grid, allowing operators access to detect faults and plan maintenance while reducing investments and costs related to outages.

A recent report from a renewable energy news outlet suggests that more and more, wind and solar farms are also using drones, ranging from initial site assessment to operations and maintenance (O&M), wrote Ann Paputsa of P2PEP July 16. Here’s how drones are becoming a technician’s high tech best friend for wind and solar farms—and all the cool things that drones can do.

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