George Flolo Awarded

Chicagoland native wins EASA’s highest honor

EASA’s Exceptional Achievement Service award is the highest honor the association offers. 2018 recipient George Flolo is in safe company.

Since its inception in 1997, the esteemed award has been given to industry legends—and we don’t use that word lightly—such as Frank Leonard (Electro-Mechanical Corporation, Bristol, VA, 2012); E. Steve Darby (Darby Electric, Anderson, S.C., 2011); Edward Jenkins (Jenkins Electric, Charlotte, N.C., 2006); and of course, Richard Nailen (1998’s award recipient), whose experience spanned companies like Louis Allis and Wisconsin Electric Power, and whom Electrical Apparatus is exceptionally proud to call a current employee.

“George Flolo, like so many EASAns, grew up in the industry,” EASA’s website reads in accompaniment with this year’s honor. “The Flolo Corp., of West Chicago, IL, started as a modest repair center in the household basement in 1943.”

As the business grew, it became a family affair, with George Flolo and his two brothers participating in operations.

Today, The Flolo Corp. is an industry leader and active with EASA.

As an industry professional, Mr. Flolo has been active in EASA for many years. Most notably, his participation and leadership of the Marketing and Industry Awareness Committee has left a lasting impact.

Mr. Flolo’s contributions to our industry are extensive and impressive. His commitment is evident in the nominating letters we received.

For instance, one letter read:

He has steered this committee to tackle and resolve many challenging issues that impacted EASA’s membership and our industry. He has led by dedicated example with humor and focus to efficiently and effectively get the job done.

Another letter read:

To chair a committee for so many years requires great leadership, drive and initiative to make the tasks ahead come alive and galvanize the committee members to work together to achieve the objectives which he set for the group. But outside of the chairmanship of this committee, he has always freely offered advice and experience on almost any professional subject. Not always the answers you want to hear, but a very honest and candid view delivered with a smile and infectious laugh which you often hear before you see him.

And finally:

His gifted leadership has represented and positively influenced the way in which the electrical apparatus service industry is viewed by customers, vendors and regulatory agencies alike. Every member of EASA has benefited from the outstanding work of this committee under his leadership.

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