GE: Trust The Process

Despite headlines, it’s not all bad for General Electric

You might have seen that General Electric just laid off over 200 workers from its GE Power branch in Schenectady, NY.

Perhaps you noticed July 30, when GE Digital, a promising standalone cousin created in 2015, announced it would be selling off its assets.

Possibly you’ve seen a heap of bad GE press over the past two years.

This does not at all mean the company is dead. Some think, despite current woes and the inevitable gully to come for a few years at least, that CEO John Flannery is ultimately forging the path that will guide GE out of the woods. Liken it to The Process, if you will; an analytics-based route executed by trusting data and quality above all.

Just look at this recently analysis from stock experts at Courage & Conviction Investing, posted August 2nd on SeekingAlpha.

“In Q2 2018, General Electric exhibited strength in its Aviation and Healthcare business. However, the weakness in GE Power marred the quarter. Despite weakness in GE Power, GE is committed to $6 billion in FY 2018 free cash flow. I’m a fan of John Flannery and believe his turnaround is the right prescription.”

That’s one group’s opinion, but financial analysis doesn’t usually favor GE lately. However, optimism has brewed with Flannery’s style. He is also investing more in renewable energy, and considering the fact that the world just reached its first TW (terrawatt) of renewable power production, he’s probably on the right track. Experts predict Terrawatt 2 will be reached in five years. So, let’s do some quick math…it took, well, the entirety of time and human history to get to terrawatt 1 of renewable energy, and terrawatt 2 is only expected to take five years…1+2 equals…don’t count GE out yet. They’ve been around too long to go down without a fight.


  1. GE: Flannery Out; Culp In | Electrical Apparatus Magazine - October 4, 2018

    […] he was inserted to one of the most difficult situations in recent business memory. Many experts believed he was on the right track. If only he’d had more time…although, taking too much time for his turnaround plan also […]

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