Puerto Rico Powered

PREPA says island is finally out of the dark

Officials in Puerto Rico declared Wednesday that the country’s power grid was officially, fully restored. PREPA (Puerto Rica Electric Power Authority), the country’s only power provider, made the claim it has restored power to all of its 1.5 million customers.

The island has gone without power for almost an entire year. During that time, a labyrinth of confusion with response and aid, political corruption, disorganization, and heroic maintenance & recovery have clouded the largest issue: Puerto Ricans’ strife.

The population has dwindled. Many people have left for America or elsewhere. Others have perished and thousands more are now homeless and desperate. With the power finally back on, it is as much worth projecting the struggles ahead and brainstorming solutions for recovery as it is reviewing a brief timeline of the past year since Hurricane Maria.

The blackout in Hurricane Maria’s wake was one of the largest ever. More than 160,000 Puerto Rican homes were damaged or destroyed. Power restoration cost more than $3 billion and was mired in controversy: PREPA’s seen five CEOs in the 11 months since the storm.

Puerto Rico’s government recently released figures on the death toll of the hurricane, saying it was likely upwards of 1,400 people who died. But there is a bright spot in the country in August: its Little League baseball team. The group of 12 year olds are making an inspiring run:


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