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Siemens and EOS accelerate additive manufacturing

EOS, a technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, and the multi-faceted company Siemens continue their close collaboration to further accelerate additive manufacturing technology (commonly known as 3D printing) and application. The current cooperation includes the areas software, automation and drive technology and use of additive manufacturing technologies, the companies said in a press release Thursday.

Siemens control and drive components are part of the new EOS M 300 series for metal additive manufacturing. EOS’ job and process management software EOSPRINT 2 now integrates into AM module of Siemens NX 12. Siemens will include an EOS P 500 system for polymer industrial 3D printing into its Additive Manufacturing Experience Center in Erlangen, Germany.

Siemens Additive Manufacturing Exerience Center at Siemens location in Erlangen, Germany (Source: Siemens AG)

Siemens plans to extend its Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (pictured above) in Erlangen, Germany, with the EOS P 500 system. The AMEC provides an excellent overview and insight into different industrial AM technologies and information about the challenging industrial requirements for AM-design, simulation and production. It also offers an interactive experience, where the integrated seamless AM chain and the AM relevant products of Siemens are shown. “A fast industrialization of additive manufacturing can only be unleashed by a close co-operation of experts from a software, automation and drive system angle with industrial 3D printing experts, as is the case with Siemens and EOS. We are therefore proud to move with EOS into the next level of industrialization, which will help transforming additive manufacturing further from the prototyping phase into industrial serial production”, states Dr. Karsten Heuser, VP of Additive Manufacturing at Siemens AG.

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