Units of VFDs

Foreign company strengthens presence in U.S.

With Electrical Apparatus‘ international issue approaching next month, it’s always a good idea to keep foreign companies on your radar. Here’s an instance of a company with origins in the Middle East that is strengthening its presence in the United States through the launch of a new product line designed to meet American OEM needs.

Unitronics, the PLC+HMI solutions company based in Israel, has recently launched its own line of variable frequency drives (VFDs), as part of its effort to centralize and streamline industrial automation and control. With this launch they are better able to meet customer demand for motor and motion control solutions, both in the United States and abroad. Unitronics has corporate offices in Quincy, Mass. (outside of Boston), and a production facility in Hackensack, N.J. The company has contributed to industrial automation’s rise with ideas such as automated parking (see below):

VFDs and inverters are able to optimize machine performance, save energy, and lower machine life cycle costs across a range of applications, including packaging, conveyance and material handling, machining, pump and fan applications, and more. Unitronics’ new line aims to seamlessly integrate with existing lines of PLC + HMI all-in-one controllers. The addition of a VFD product line can simplify workflow, the company says, by enabling customers to obtain VFDs, PLCs, and HMIs from a single supplier, program them all in a single software, and receive support from the same team throughout a project.

Unitronics VFDs offer options for both single and three-phase VFDs from 0.4 kW and up to 110 kW. Features include:

  • EMC Built-In Filters    •    Braking units – Built-In
  • Mounting options: Wall, Flange, Rail    •    Sensorless Vector and Torque control
  • Temperature – Extended operating range    •    STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • Modbus RTU fieldbus    •    Heavy-Duty overload capacity

The VFDs are also UL approved, TÜV SÜD Safety and CE Certified.

All tasks can be programmed using the same software environment as the PLC and HMI applications. Unitronics’ software enables the user to rapidly set up, configure, and commission multiple VFDs, as well as to monitor and debug the VFD via online watch or Scope Trace graph. Users can also operate their VFD directly from the controller’s integrated HMI panel, allowing them to take advantage of the full color touchscreen. Another major benefit of the all-in-one framework is remote access; users can monitor the VFD via the software, web server, or even a VNC connection.

This addition from Unitronics, it claims, will allow OEMs to simplify and centralize their control needs, relying on fewer components from fewer vendors; they now can save time, budget, and effort with this all-in-one approach.

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