ICC Allies With Cortela

Easier access to GE motor parts for Australia, SE Asia

Tennessee’s finest is heading “Outback”.

ICC International and Cortela Carbon just announced a new alliance that will give Australia and Southeast Asia vastly improved access to commutators and General Electric motors and parts in the industrial space.

As the OEM supplier of commutators to GE and as the only GE industrial motor distributor in North America (as well as being a GE supplier) ICC has signed an agreement with Cortela Carbon to bring all GE and ICC products to Cortela Carbon’s serviced markets, the company announced in a press release e-mailed to Electrical Apparatus October 15.

“As an independent player not in competition with motor repair, Cortela Carbon is in the perfect position to aggressively supply motor shops and end users in this underserviced region,” explains Laura Lyke, President & CEO of ICC.  Rob Marschner, Director of Cortela Carbon, adds that “We are two companies with shared values and vision, uniquely committed to giving Australasia and South East Asia an easier road to obtaining these much-needed products.”

Cortela are specialists both carbon brushes in current transfer systems, creating synergy between different machines.

“ICC International has partnered with Cortela Carbon in Australia. Cortela is the premier distributor of carbon brushes in Australia and Asia. Beginning November 5th they will be traveling, promoting and distributing ICC OEM manufactured commutators. This is a huge growth opportunity for ICC, one we are extremely excited about. Our CEO, Laura Lyke will be presenting on this partnership at the EASA conference in Hobart, Tasmania this November,” ICC’s Krista DiSocio told EA in an e-mail.

ICC International is based in Maryville, Tennessee, USA and Cortela Carbon is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with satellite operations in Perth, Melbourne and New Zealand.  The arrangement will officially begin November 5th, 2018, but initial product orders can be filled immediately by contacting John Hamlin, General Manager of Cortela Carbon.  Questions can be directed to either ICC or Cortela at the contact points listed below.


John Hamlin

General Manager

Cortela Carbon

12-14 Helium Street

Narangba QLD 4504


+61 7 3888 2122


Laura Lyke

President & CEO

ICC International

1620 Robert C. Jackson Drive

Maryville, TN USA 37801



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