Air Taxis. Yep.

Midtown to JFK: Six minutes, 36 dollars

A startup named Lilium said at an aircraft maintenance and repair conference last week that it believes its services are nearly employable.

Frank Stephenson, Lilium‘s founder and a former Ferrari designer and engineer, claims the company’s small electric planes are functional and basically ready to hit the market. They just need approval and location from cities with an interest and customer base, whom they also claim they are already in discussion with.

The company had originally stated its blueprint would be a market-ready product by 2025. Stephenson said that projection was a safety net-figure, partially meant to keep the company in the press’ good graces had they encountered any unforeseen delays or setbacks. It’s now looking like 2020 will be a more realistic starting target, he says. Five full years “ahead of schedule”. While the technology’s in place for a futuristic endeavor of this magnitude, finding believers might be the tougher step.

Lilium’s sales pitch is this: it can fly you from downtown Manhattan to JFK airport in six minutes for $36. Six dollars a minute to get you a guaranteed stretch of no traffic across some of the most packed 15 miles on the planet from Midtown to South Queens.


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