AML claims breakthrough in magnetics would enable hyper-efficient motors

Superconductivity. It’s been heralded and heckled, billed as the next big thing but yet to break through. Well, now that the AM is through, it’s high noon for superconductors. With PM-Wire, Palo Alto-based magnetics company AML thinks it has discovered how to convey the technology to the masses. The company makes what it calls “the most advanced magnets available” enabling hyper-efficient motors. A number have us have heard this before. However, its most recent breakthrough with PM-Wire is certainly worth a look. DesignWorld thinks so:

“The magnets are made of traditional NdFeB or SmCo or other bonded or sintered material. However, PM-Wire gives engineers flexibility in magnet sizes, shapes, and magnetic field directions. It boosts reliability and enables new configurations; it replaces the conventional and laborious process of molding, machining, and coating PMs with high-volume continuous production that’s highly automated.”

An AML promotional video gives us a look at the company itself. Although AML doesn’t shy away from big titles (“radically changing aerospace”), its operation is not too heavy on the hype shows us a great video of the shop:



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  1. Hi – interested in discussing more about this. We are the company you’ve highlighted.

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