Obituary: Bill Swiger

Swiger Coil founder and industry fixture passes away

William E. Swiger, Sr., founder of Swiger Coil Systems, Inc., passed away this week at the age of 92.

Mr. Swiger, known as Bill, was the formative mind behind Swiger Coil, the Cleveland-based coil manufacturer now owned by Wabtec. Swiger—the company—has enriched the pages of Electrical Apparatus, maintained a strong presence within EASA, and contributed greatly to the electromechanical service industry since 1975. The man for whom it was named had equally enriching presence and contributions.

Bill Swiger—Swiger Coil Systems photo

A WWII veteran (serving in the U.S. Army), Swiger oversaw the company from its beginning all the way through its transition to Wabtec ownership.

“Bill was chosen for the namesake of Swiger Coil Systems when it was incorporated in September 1975 because of its long-standing reputation in the coil industry. Bill was one of the first three employees of Swiger Coil Systems. He served as a company vice president until his retirement in the late 1990s. During his tenure, Swiger Coil Systems became a leading manufacturer of coils and forged a reputation for outstanding service to its coil customers,” —James Wightman, a longtime colleague, told EA via e-mail.

The company began by supplying electric motor repair shops and large industrial captive motor repair shops with manufacturing of form-type electric motor and generator coils. As Swiger grew, the company invested by adding more people and capabilities, and then expanding into manufacturing coils for OEMs, primarily those building large AC and DC motors. Soon they began manufacturing and remanufacturing traction motors for the mass transit industry and OEMs. Starting off with an original three employees, it has grown to over 200, and occupies more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Ohio.



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