Climate Report

Contents shock public, arouse political scrutiny

The U.S. released a federal climate report November 23, outlining detailed projections that racked the nerves of much of the country and planet. Those paying attention to renewable energy and climate change in recent years are likely aware of many of the statistics, but the report, which was backed by 13 federal agencies, also illuminated current damage—to the shock of many.

The report traces the effects climate change on the United States, in an up-to-date fashion. This covers everything from national temperature levels rising to decreasing precipitation numbers. It also includes projections for the country that alarmed much of the public, both for the grave prospects and the stark contrast to the country’s recently lenient stance on the matter.

“The document’s dire claims come frequently into conflict with the aims of the administration that released it,” The Atlantic reported. “Where the Trump administration has sought to loosen restrictions on car emissions, the report warns that vehicles are contributing to unhealthy ozone levels that affect nearly a third of Americans. Whereas the president has ensured that the United States will no longer meet the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement on climate change, the report says that ignoring Paris could accelerate coral bleaching in Hawaii by more than a decade.”

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