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Kentucky’s EMI moving to new location in Henderson

A long-running motor shop in Kentucky officially moved into a new facility.

Electric Motors, Inc., of Henderson, Ky., has been at it for nearly 70 years. 2018 has seen the company make its biggest move…without leaving the American town it occupied for that period. The ribbon-cutting pictured below was held November 29.


EMI, which is owned by EEMSCO (Evansville Electric Motor Service Co.) announced last week it will be moving from its current location on Highway 41 in Henderson into a new facility on Ohio Drive. EEMSCO is an Electrical Apparatus regular located across state lines in Evansville, Indiana. Meanwhile, Henderson’s EMI is moving for more square footage, as well as to “better serve its customers” by providing a more capable shop facility for motor repair work, as well as additional warehouse space to allow for a larger stock inventory. That space is looking good as the company opens:


In operation since 1948, EMI specializes in the repair of electric motors, drives, controls, and more.

“After nearly 70 years in the same building on Highway 41, we are very excited to move into a more modern facility in the middle of the industrial section of Henderson,” Manager Rick Wolf told NBC News Channel 14, WFIE Kentucky. “We look forward to serving the community for at least another 70 years.”

The move to 3057 B Ohio Drive is expected to be complete soon, with the current location remaining open during the transition period.

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