Emerson Marine Unit

Division will cater to port authorities, marine spares industry

Emerson Bearing, the Boston-based bearings manufacturer for OEMs and maintenance, announced the formation of a new branch for marine applications.

The company is not to be confused with the Emerson Electric Co. of St. Louis, a separate company known for its motors and generators. Both ‘Emersons’ have rich histories.

The Boston Emerson, renowned for its bearings selection and frequent 24/7 service to OEM and MRO customers on an international scale, said in a December 4 press release that the Marine Spares division would cater to port authorities and the marine spares industry.

With a growing customer base in the marine sector, EBB now works with commercial shipping and fishing boat accounts in New England and well beyond – including a number of national and international customers such as Guam Shipyard.

Joe Falvey, Emerson Bearing’s Marketing Specialist, leads the division. Falvey assists clients in determining which bearing technologies would be most suitable by taking into consideration the specifications, recommendations, maintenance strategies, fatigue life and wear resistance of the bearing in relation to the application.

The marine spares industry and port authorities require constant “uptime” as they exist in a 24/7 work environment, whether it’s for driveshafts, overhead cranes or fork lift trucks. Emerson provides special solutions which include Split Roller bearings which allow for rapid bearing replacement especially at difficult to access locations, such as driveshafts.

For Sheave wheels, cranes and tensioner blocks, Emerson recommends the SL Sheave Wheel bearings, which provide extra high dynamic and static load ratings and come with rubber seals to prevent water and dust intrusion. To keep the unloading process from slowing down, the company can provide cut to length leaf chain forklift chain on a 24-hour basis. Related products offered by Emerson Bearing for this industry include sheave wheel bearings, split spherical roller bearings, craft split bearing, ball bearings, roller bearings, leaf chain, V belts, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, oil seals and isolator seals.

“Our worldwide freight relationships allow us to serve markets around the world, so that our bearings can meet a ship at the port if necessary,” explained Steve Katz, president.

He continued, “Some of our clients are halfway around the world and they know they can count on us. They have placed their confidence in us and we deliver, whether it’s a large job or a small repair where they may just need oil seals. Accuracy on promised delivery dates is crucial. With our shipyard customers, the vessels are scheduled to arrive in port at a certain time and once they pull in, the clock starts. Everything runs on a schedule and there are repercussions for any delays. That’s where we really set ourselves apart from competitors; we’re efficient, cost-effective and reliable.”

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