Harley Livewire

Harley-Davidson electric pre-orders available

In the world of electric vehicles, cars are still paramount in market share. EV novelties, however, just keep getting more exciting, from semi trucks to scooters to motorcycles. Harley-Davidson promised us a model to challenge the forefront of electric hogs, and that release date is now upon us.

The iconic American motorcycle company committed to a firm year for its release date back in 2017, when it was about halfway through a four-year process of conceptualization for the model. They told us 2019 would be the year they released the first American-made electric motorcycle…and they’re on pace to meet that goal. Pre-orders were announced for the Livewire this week.

EA reported on the confirmation of an electric line of bikes in May 2017, when a test-drive video was released. A popular topic of discussion back then was whether or not these bikes would really feel like the real thing. For Harley enthusiasts, this is nothing short of a big deal, and understandably so. Riding a motorcycle–ask anyone who calls it their passion or hobby–is largely about the feeling generated by vibrations from a fuel-powered engine. The sound that comes along with it is often a welcoming factor. So Harley, eager to win the confidence of its main customer base, assured us it had found a way to replicate that sensation. With pre-orders coming in already, it appears plenty of bikers are ready to take a flier on that promise.

In the video above, Cycle World details what it was like to test-drive the Livewire, offering positive feedback. While acknowledging that not enough is known about the lithium-ion battery’s range apart from the “55-mile projection” given by Harley-Davidson, Cycle World’s Blake Conner praises the bike’s acceleration, design, and “slick LED display”, adding that “the Livewire is a well-executed, fun to ride, good-performing electric motorcycle that we hope someday finds its way into dealer showrooms.”


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